What is OmniTag™?
OmniTag™ is unified inventory management for the consumer -- a global tracking system that also operates as a Lost and Found. But more simply -- it's the best way to keep track of your stuff and still protect your privacy.

No More New Dog Tags
Don't you get sick of having to change your pet's tag every time you move or change vets? Worried about someone finding out where you live while they pet your dog on a walk? No more! Just create your FREE OmniTag on the site, OmniTag your dog once and for all, and your pet is forever findable. Just update your contact information on and your pet will always be able to find you.

Doh! I left my Palm Pilot and jacket on the plane!
If you travel, you know it's pretty easy to forget stuff on the plane -- your Walkman, jacket, even a piece of luggage. It's kind of a pain to put your phone number and address in everything -- plus what do you do if you move? OmniTag it and those problems go away. One tag, once, and the finder of your OmniTagged device will be able to contact you to return it, anywhere in the world, day or night!

Lost your keys?
For safety and privacy, you sure don't want to put your home address and phone number on your keys. But what if you lose them? By OmniTagging your keys, you retain your privacy, while still allowing someone to get a hold of you to return them.

And it costs how much?
The best part is that OmniTags are FREE to use and make! An OmniTag is simply a 10 character label -- 5 alphabetic characters followed by 5 numeric characters -- that helps the world identify ANYTHING! Your dog or cat, your Palm Pilot, even your luggage. If someone finds your stuff and wants to return it, all they need to do is go to our site or call the 800 number on the tag, leave their phone number and/or email address, and you can arrange to get your stuff back!

The only time it costs anything is if you lose something, and the finder uses the 800 number to return your item, but even then, it's a nominal fee. Isn't it worth it to get your stuff back?

It's that easy. Get started today and OmniTag your world!

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